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Dr. Sonja Kristiansen's fertility center in Houston helps hopeful parents to realize their dreams of having children.

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S1: Starting a family, one of life's most precious experiences, but if you find yourself struggling to conceive consider a visit to the Houston Fertility Center. Doctor Sonia Christiansen and her specialized staff help couples overcome obstacles to parenthood. Help them build families, one little miracle at a time. S2: At the Houston Fertility Center we offer a wide range of scientific and medical technology to help the woman or couple, who is experiencing infertility, achieve the highest success rates possible. We have the most modern advanced laboratory equipment. We also combine that with office staff and medical team who are experienced at handling every aspect; the medical aspects and the emotional aspects that the woman or couple will be facing; and we're there to help the woman and the couple every step of the way. S3: From the beginning Dr. Christiansen, you know she sat us down. She walked us through a treatment plan, and she spent a lot of time with us. She helped us weigh out our options and we decided to proceed with the treatment, and everything went as planned, and it's been a great experience and we are expecting a baby next week. S4: We start out with trying to investigate what is the root of their problem. Every couple has a different reason why they might be having difficulty conceiving, and not every problem is treated identically. We do not immediately push a patient into the most advanced treatment. It's whatever that patient needs. S5: I was nothing but pleased with my experience at Dr. Christiansen's office. I think what struck me the most was that you are going through a really difficult time, but you feel like you have to have this group of people rooting for you. You feel like you have a team of people who really want you to get pregnant. They really want you to succeed. S1: We realize it's a scary process, and we take the time with each individual patient. We're not a mass volume assembly line-type of infertility practice. We pride ourselves on being more boutique; a smaller family environment. S6: Each member of Dr. Christiansen's team is not only knowledgeable in the medical arena of infertility, but is also trained to help patients through the emotional challenges that accompany this path to parenthood. S7: I was a little nervous, but coming here, very warm, very friendly, answered my questions immediately. Made me feel like I had friends, and I wasn't alone, and always had smiling faces. S6: Behind the scenes, a team of specialized scientists work alongside Dr. Christiansen in the lab. This is where today's cutting-edge equipment, techniques, and technology give Mother Nature a little help. S1: We have a great team in the laboratory. We have highly-skilled embryologists, all the laboratory accreditations, and certifications. We stay up to date on everything, so we can make sure we offer the patients the best success rates possible. S6: And the successes are abundant and adorable. S8: My son is three and a half-weeks-old. He was seven pounds and three ounces, and he's the light of my life. Now I'm going to get emotional talking about him, but you know everyone tells you that it's the best experience. But until you hold that baby yourself, you go through all the trials and tribulations of trying to get pregnant. And you just don't think about that anymore, once you hold that baby, it's perfect. You fall in love with this little human being immediately. S9: She is just the greatest thing in the world to me. You know I wanted to get pregnant, I wanted to get pregnant, but I never had any clue what it would really be like to have this wonderful little child in my life. She's changed our lives.

Dr. Sonja Kristiansen

Houston Fertility Center

Dr. Sonja Kristiansen is the founder and Medical Director of Houston Fertility Center. She is a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist Infertility (REI) specialist who is proud to help hopeful parents fulfill their dreams of having children. Our center is affiliated with the:

  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • Texas Medical Association

We provide convenient care for patients from greater Houston and visitors from out of town. For more information about our services, contact our office online or call (713) 225-5375 today.

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