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Dr. Sonja Kristiansen performs intrauterine insemination at her Houston practice. It is a simple and effective means of helping hopeful parents conceive.

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Intrauterine insemination, also just sometimes called insemination is a process where we can take the sperm and place it at the top of the uterus. That is very useful for women who are using sperm donors; maybe their husband has gone through cancer treatment. It's also very successful for women whose husband's sperm counts are slightly on the low side. The semen sample is washed in the laboratory to get the vast majority of the good sperm out of the sample, so that we can place a high concentration of good quality sperm at the top of the uterus. That way all the sperm has to do is just swim up the tubes to find the egg. So we get most of the sperm at the top of the uterus. Not a long travel distance and we can greatly increase success rates for most women with this very simple easy procedure where you're in and out of the office in a few minutes. It's really amazing at how simple it is and how successful it is.

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