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Meet Dr. Sonja Kristiansen, an infertility specialist practicing in Houston.

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In order to become an infertility specialist you must go through OB/GYN residency and then infertility training. I enjoyed everything about taking care of women. I enjoyed everything about pregnancy, but I found that the infertility studies had not only great advancements in science technology, but offered happy endings most of the time. It gave me the opportunity to help women achieve what I had already learned in the OB/GYN residency and that's the joys of pregnancy. Personally, I delayed getting married until the end of my OB/GYN residency, and so I do know what it was like to have to make a decision between career and motherhood. I found that I was able to relate to my patients, I was able to help them. I find it very rewarding to have that mental stimulation, the challenge that we can take that technology and incorporate it into great care for our patients to achieve high success rates.

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