We are aware of the Harris County "Stay Home, Work Safe" order effective March 25 - April 3, however, we will be seeing patients that are currenlty in cycle, have medical emergencies, and for telemedicine appointments. Please call our office for further instructions or information. We will update with any new information on or prior to the April 3.
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Freezing embryos is a means of fertility preservation offered through our Houston practice.

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Modern technology has allowed the new process known to patients as egg freezing. Egg freezing is where we take the eggs out, like we would for in- vitro fertilization, but instead of fertilizing the eggs and growing them to embryos, we can freeze the unfertilized egg. This is a wonderful treatment or option for young women who are faced with a horrible diagnosis of cancer, are going to go through chemotherapy, and know that they're going to lose their fertility and maybe they haven't had the time to find Mr. Right yet. So this allows them the option, possibility of preserving eggs for future pregnancy. It is also a good option for women, who know that they have to delay childbearing for social reasons, whether it's to build their career or again, they're looking for Mr. Right and they're approaching age 40, they're worried about losing their fertility. It is a really good option to give them the possibility of having a family with her own eggs; otherwise these women were faced with the option of adoption or using an egg donor. Once they were in the situation where they wanted to have children, and now with egg freezing we can give these patients more options. It is a relatively simple and relatively pain-free process. The woman will take some injections to grow the eggs. We are trying to get more than one egg, so that we can increase the success rate. The medicines are all tiny little needles just underneath the skin, really relatively pain-free. The process of removing the eggs is a very simple office procedure. We have board-certified anesthesiologists to give a little bit of light sedation, so the patient feels nothing. It is completely pain-free. It's not a major surgery, it's an office procedure. The patient goes home that day and goes back pretty much, to her normal activities the next day.

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