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Egg donors, screened and selected through our Houston practice, give women who have lost fertility the chance to experience pregnancy.

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Egg donation is a process where we can offer a woman who has lost fertility, meaning she's gone through menopause, whether she's naturally reached the age of menopause, or whether she's undergone chemotherapy for cancer. We can take eggs from another woman. Fertilize them in the laboratory, and place the embryos back into the patient's uterus. So this will give women who think that they otherwise had no chance of the pregnancy experience, the possibility of having that pregnancy experience, the possibility of having a child that's genetically linked to their husband. The egg donor is screened for all sorts of medical and health history and psychological history. So you know that you are getting an egg from a healthy woman. High success rates, and then you get to experience the pregnancy. You can make sure that, basically you make sure your child has the best start to life. It is a great option for a high percentage of patients, who otherwise thought they had no options.

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