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Houston Fertility Center

Houston Fertility Center

Infertility Treatment and Health Insurance: What Patients Should Know

If you live in Texas, your medical insurance may cover infertility treatments such as IVF. Our Houston, TX fertility specialists cover some of the basics…

Sonja Kristiansen, MD May 29, 2018

10 Health Tips to Boost Female Fertility: Helping You Get Pregnant

These health tips can help boost female fertility and make conceiving easier. Our Houston, TX infertility doctors consider methods of improving general wellness for women.

Sonja Kristiansen, MD May 16, 2018

Holistic vs. Medical Fertility Treatment: Which Should You Choose?

At the Houston Fertility Center, Dr. Sonja Kristiansen discusses holistic vs. medical fertility treatment.

Sonja Kristiansen, MD May 01, 2018

Adhesiolysis Recovery: Patient Healing Information

Adhesiolysis is the surgical removal of adhesions affecting a woman’s reproductive organs. Our Houston, TX fertility specialists consider the surgery and the recovery process.

Sonja Kristiansen, MD Apr 29, 2018

Diagnosing Pelvic Abnormalities Can Make Conception Possible

Dr. Sonja Kristiansen of the Houston Fertility Center in Houston, TX, and Sugar Land, TX, discusses the importance of diagnosing pelvic abnormalities in her patients.

Sonja Kristiansen, MD Mar 29, 2018

Assisted Hatching Can Increase the Chances of a Successful Pregnancy

Assisted hatching is an innovative technique for certain in vitro fertilization patients that Dr. Sonja Kristiansen is excited to offer at her practice.

Sonja Kristiansen, MD Mar 16, 2018

Urological Consulting for Sperm Retrieval

At the Houston Fertility Center, we offer holistic services for our clients, including urological consulting for sperm retrieval.

Sonja Kristiansen, MD Feb 28, 2018

Emotional Counseling for Patients Experiencing Infertility

At the Houston Fertility Center, we take a holistic approach to fertility treatments. That is why we offer emotional counseling at our Houston, TX, facility.

Sonja Kristiansen, MD Feb 16, 2018

Fallopian Tube Reconstruction Procedure

Fertility specialist Dr. Sonja Kristiansen provides patients with an overview of the fallopian tube reconstruction procedure.

Sonja Kristiansen, MD Jan 31, 2018

Fallopian Tube Massage Supports Fertility

At Houston Fertility Center, patients can undergo fallopian tube massage to support fertility.

Sonja Kristiansen, MD Jan 16, 2018

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