The Egg Donation Procedure: Donor vs. Recipient By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on February 18, 2022

A 3D rendering of a fertilized human eggGrowing your family is an exciting journey, but navigating the world of egg donation can be tricky. Luckily, the Houston Fertility Center specializes in egg donation and embryo implantation.

Our Houston, TX, team simplifies the egg donation process by having a full-service reproductive clinic in our facility. This diminishes the need for outside expertise, which saves you valuable time and money.

If you’re considering egg donation services, then you might be wondering what the process is like. Here, our team will discuss the remarkable egg donation procedure for donors and recipients.

What to Expect as an Egg Donor

Egg donors volunteer their own eggs for prospective parents who cannot conceive on their own. The egg donation process includes:

  • An application and screening
  • Cycle synchronization
  • Egg retrieval

Application and Screening

Whether a friend or family member is recruiting your help or you have an altruistic nature, you must first complete an in-depth application and physical exam. The application and exam will assess your background and medical history, which we use to verify your egg donor candidacy.

Cycle Synchronization

Before our Houston team can retrieve your eggs, we must first synchronize your menstrual cycle to match that of the egg recipient’s cycle. You accomplish this by using daily injections and birth control pills for a few weeks before egg retrieval.

Our skilled team will teach you how to administer your daily injections. We will also monitor your progress to ensure optimal results.

Egg Retrieval

After syncing your cycle, it’s time to take follicle-stimulating hormones to prepare for the egg retrieval procedure. On the day of your procedure, our team will use general anesthesia to make the process as painless as possible. After we retrieve some of your healthy eggs, you may have a friend or family member drive you home to rest and recover for 24 to 72 hours.

What to Expect as an Egg Recipient

As an egg recipient, you and the donor must go through similar processes, including;

  • A consultation and screening
  • Cycle synchronization
  • Embryo transfer

Consultation and Screening

Our team will help you evaluate your health before beginning the egg donation process. If you and your uterus are in good health, then you can begin the process of synching your menstrual cycle with the egg donor’s cycle.

Cycle Synchronization

Both the donor and recipient must have matching cycles to prepare for embryo implantation. We accomplish this by having you take birth control pills for a few weeks before egg retrieval.

Embryo Transfer

After we retrieve your donor’s eggs, we then use your partner’s or male donor’s sperm to fertilize the eggs in a womb-like incubator. Approximately three to five days after egg retrieval, we can implant one or more fertilized eggs, or embryos, directly into your uterus.

Talk to Us About Egg Donation Today

Whether you want to donate or receive eggs, the best place to start is with an in-depth consultation at our Houston Fertility Center. Our compassionate team will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Get started today by calling us at (713) 225-5375 or by reaching us online here.

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