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Egg Donation

If you are struggling with infertility, using an egg donor opens up a world of possibilities.

Dr. Sonja B. Kristiansen can safely facilitate the donation process to help you achieve your family goals.

Learn more about how egg donation at our clinic serving Houston, TX, can change your life.

An Effective Solution for All Types of Families

Egg donation is an effective infertility treatment for many of our patients, including women who have experienced premature menopause or other health issues that may affect their egg quality. During this process, an egg is harvested from a donor and then transferred to the intended mother's uterus. It is also used in surrogacy for single men or same-sex male couples. Whether you choose to use an agency or a close friend as a donor, we are here to guide you through this remarkable journey.
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If you are a non-traditional family or are experiencing fertility issues, we can help arrange for an excellent candidate to donate eggs in order to help you realize your goals.

What Can Egg Donation Help With?

Unsuccessful IVF Attempts

Egg donation is currently the most successful fertility treatment in existence today. For women who have tried multiple IVF cycles with no success, using an egg donor can help you grow your family.

Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)

Early menopause occurs when ovarian function ceases before the age of 40. Women with this condition can often successfully conceive using an egg donor.

Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR)

In contrast to POI, women with diminished ovarian reserve experience normal ovulation and menstrual cycles. However, the supply and quality of eggs within the ovaries are decreased.

Same-Sex Male Couples

Egg donation can be an excellent option for same-sex male couples. The donor eggs can be fertilized by one or both intended parents before being placed into the surrogate's uterus through IVF, creating a genetic link to the child.

Single Men

If a single man decides he is ready to begin a family, using an egg donor is a popular option. The intended parent's sperm will be fertilized with donor eggs and then placed inside a surrogate's uterus.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent pregnancy loss can occur due to genetic issues, environmental factors, structural problems, and more. Women who have experienced this are often excellent candidates for egg donation.
"We had a perfect baby boy and now, we going for a second time for the last time, fingers crossed. I highly recommend this facility because, in my opinion, they are upfront about expectations. They won't lie and make any guarantees, instead they advise based on ultrasound and blood work results." BuffBird Akingbade

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Here at Houston Fertility Center in Texas, we strive to provide the highest level of care in a professional, calm, and private environment. We take the time to learn about you and your story in order to best support you. We understand that you probably have many questions about egg donation, and our friendly staff is more than happy to provide the answers you need. You can request a consultation online or call our clinic serving Houston, at:

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"The Best Experience" Reviews from Patients Throughout Houston, TX


Celeste Garcia

Houston, TX


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I love this place the nurses definitely put alot of definition into this clinic. Without them and their kindness I probably wouldn't have made it mentally. Anytime I had a question they answered whether through phone call or email. It was the best!.. Thank you to Blanca and Mayra for making this the best experience for me! I'll be seeing yall again in another year or 2. ❤️

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Andreana Uribe

Houston, TX


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Well where to being, Dr.K , Lana , Michelle , and all the rest of the team here are the most amazing, caring, and genuine group of people you could ask for. Especially when dealing with such an emotional experience such as infertility. Their facility is extremely clean, the girls are always smiling and helpful with any questions you need answered and from the very beginning of the process they provide you all the information up front! From start to finish the team will be there, you can’t ask for anything more in my opinion. 

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Selecting an Egg Donor: Finding the Perfect Match for You

Choosing an egg donor is an incredibly personal and emotional decision. You may choose someone you know, such as a family member or close friend, or you may prefer an anonymous donor from an egg donor agency. Take some time to consider what characteristics are most important to you. Do you want the child to have physical attributes similar to yours? Are you looking for someone with proven intelligence? Patients can select an egg donor based on any factors that they desire.
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Sophisticated technology is used in every step of this process to ensure outstanding results.

How Are Egg Donors Evaluated?

Medical Evaluation

Screening is done carefully to ensure egg donors are qualified to donate. A thorough medical evaluation will assess the donor's overall health and detect any infectious or hereditary diseases to determine if she is a viable donor candidate.

Family History

The family histories of potential egg donors are also evaluated to provide a better understanding of possible health conditions or genetic risk factors that could be passed on. By being thorough during screening, it ensures the highest chance of a healthy baby.

Psychological Evaluation

When it comes to selecting the right egg donor, mental health is also an important factor that must be assessed in order to determine candidacy. Donors need to undergo a psychological evaluation to ensure they fully understand and can fulfill their role as the egg donor. 

Need Help Selecting an Egg Donor? We Can Guide You Through the Egg Donation Process

Team at Houston Fertility Center

Picking an egg donor can be a difficult decision. You may need help processing your emotions and weighing your options. Dr. Kristiansen and her team can answer any questions you may have, giving you the information you need to make confident choices about the infertility services available. Whether a loved one donates their eggs or you decide to go with an egg donation agency, we are here for you.

For more information about selecting an egg donor and what to expect during the IVF process, contact our fertility clinic online. You can also reach Houston Fertility Center by phone.

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Patients Share Their Success Stories Houston Fertility Center Is Here to Help You

"Dear Dr. Sonja Kristiansen and staff, words cannot express our happiness and the joy you have brought to our lives! The entire experience was so very amazing, you are a great doctor with awesome staff that makes each person feel like an individual. You found a way to make a stressful situation a personal, rewarding one." angy quezada

Helping Texas Families Grow Get started by calling us today. 

The decision to grow your family through fertility treatment is a deeply personal one, and deciding to use an egg donor can be a big decision. We are here to guide you through each step of your journey. With advanced technology and comprehensive options, our Texas fertility clinic has helped countless patients achieve their dreams of expanding their families. 

Not sure if an egg donor is the right choice for you? During your initial consultation with our skilled fertility expert, Dr. Kristiansen will discuss all your options and help craft a custom treatment plan to give you the best chance of a successful pregnancy. Get started on your journey to grow your family by calling our Houston fertility practice, or by using our online form to request your consultation. 

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What to Expect during the Egg Donation Process


The first step in the egg donation process is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kristiansen at our Texas fertility clinic. During this visit, she will assess your overall health and determine if egg donation is an appropriate fertility treatment for you. Once you choose egg donation, there are a few steps to complete the process.

Cycle Preparation

During this phase, you and your partner (or surrogate) will undergo several tests. These tests will identify and address any potential problems that could interfere with the fertilization or implantation process.

Egg Donor Ovarian Stimulation

The donor stimulates her ovaries to produce multiple eggs a month with daily injectable fertility medication. She is monitored with vaginal ultrasounds and blood tests.

Egg Retrieval

Egg retrieval will be scheduled once the donor's eggs have reached full maturity. During a procedure at our Houston clinic, the eggs are carefully suctioned from the ovaries using an ultrasound needle. The donor is anesthetized during this time to ensure she is comfortable at all times. On the same day, a sperm sample will be provided for insemination.

Fertilization and Cryopreservation

Through IVF, the eggs and sperm are combined to achieve fertilization in our laboratory. The embryos are closely monitored in an incubator for growth and progress.  After approximately five days of incubation, all viable embryos will be cryopreserved for a frozen embryo transfer.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

The intended mother or chosen surrogate will have the uterus hormonally prepared for the transfer of the embryo. When the uterine lining is optimal for implantation, an embryo is thawed and transferred to the uterus in a short procedure.

Pregnancy Testing

After the frozen embryo transfer, you must wait approximately 12-14 days before a pregnancy test can be performed.

Egg Donation and INVOcell

INVOcell is a device that allows incubation of the sperm and eggs to take place inside the vagina. Dr. Kristiansen doesn't typically recommend INVOcell for donor egg cycles because the device can only hold a maximum of eight eggs. Egg donors usually produce greater quantities of eggs. If you would like to discuss this option with Dr. Kristiansen, you can do so during your consultation.


Egg Donation FAQs

How Much Does IVF With Egg Donation Cost?

The use of an egg donor can increase the cost of fertility treatment by thousands of dollars, and sometimes more. Intended parents should keep in mind that the cost of a non-donor IVF cycle is $13,400 with PGT, while the cost of an INVOcell cycle can be as low as $9,400 with PGT. Houston Fertility Center offers financing options to help make treatment more affordable.

Will My Baby Look Like Me If I Use Donor Eggs?

Since a donor's eggs are used during the IVF cycle, your baby will not resemble you the same way a biological child would. However, since you can select an egg donor based on her physical characteristics, you can pick a donor with similar hair color, eye color, height, and so forth. If you choose a family member to donate eggs, there is a greater chance of some resemblance between you and your baby.

Can I Meet Potential Donors Before Making a Decision?

This will depend on the egg donation program, individual agency policies, and how the egg donor feels about interacting with a recipient. Some agencies are strict about providing basic information by keeping their donors anonymous. If you are interested in meeting egg donors before you make a selection, be sure to check with the agency if such an arrangement is possible.

What Happens to Excess Eggs? 

Our Houston fertility practice offers egg freezing and embryo freezing to preserve any excess eggs or embryos you may have. However, it is important to remember that this will increase the overall cost of the treatment. During your consultation, your fertility doctor can discuss these options.

Are the Eggs Genetically Tested?

We offer Pre-implantation Genetic Testing (PGT), which is formerly known as PGSonce the eggs are fertilized in our lab and the embryo develops. This allows us to screen for chromosomal abnormalities, as well as determine the gender of the embryo. Genetic abnormalities are screened for using PGT-M, formerly known as PGD. Our initial screening includes a medical and family history of the egg donor before she donates. This helps to minimize any potential issues before screening is done. Again, these are additional procedures and something you need to discuss with your doctor. 

"The Whole Team Is Extremely Patient and Caring" Providing Houston with Safe and Effective Fertility Services


Dave Bertrand

Houston, TX


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I Definitely want to thank Houston Fertility clinic . Y’all made our dreams come true . I couldn’t thank y’all enough we are obsessed with our baby girl . Anyone who is trying to conceive, I would defiantly recommend them .

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Kristina Lesniak

Houston, TX


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Going through infertility is one of the most difficult things a family could go through. Dr. Kristiansen and her staff, Melissa, Mayra, Blanca and Lana helped to ensure the most positive experience. They were always professional and friendly and I always felt like I could call them anytime with all my questions (which I did). They never made me feel like I was just a patient or a number they always made me feel special. 

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Dr. Sonja Kristiansen

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