INVOcell vs. IVF: What Is the Difference? By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on July 01, 2023

INVOcell vs. IVF

Advancements in the world of reproductive medicine are allowing more patients than ever to achieve their dreams of growing their families. INVOcell is an innovative method that provides patients a more holistic approach to IVF. Let’s explore the differences of IVF and INVOcell and learn about the benefits and cost savings INVOcell provides here at Houston Fertility Center in Houston, TX.

How Does INVOcell Work?

INVOcell is an FDA-approved intravaginal culture (IVC) system made of three parts: the inner chamber that holds the egg and sperm, the culture device that protects the inner chamber, and the retention device that secures the culture device into place. The mature eggs and sperm are placed in the inner chamber, which is then inserted into the mother or surrogate’s vaginal canal. Fertilization and incubation will occur within the device inside the woman’s body instead of a lab and incubator. Her body provides a more natural pH and temperature. 

The Differences Between IVF and INVOcell

During IVF, the eggs are retrieved from the mother or donor and combined in a lab with sperm from the father or donor. Once fertilized, the fertilized egg is incubated in the lab, allowing it to develop into an embryo that is then transferred to the womb of the mother or surrogate. 

INVOcell is an innovative, cost-effective, and holistic approach. It is an FDA-approved intravaginal culture (IVC) system that uses a woman’s body to support fertilization and early embryo development versus the lab. Because the lab and associated lab fees are eliminated, INVOcell provides cost savings for patients seeking treatment at our Houston fertility clinic. 

Using the woman’s natural pH and temperature also reduces fluctuations that may occur in a lab. An example of this is when the temperature drops slightly when the incubator is opened. This temperature shift does not happen in the woman’s body. 

IVF and INVOcell Similarities

Ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval are both necessary steps with IVF and INVOcell. However, the protocols with ovarian stimulation in the INVOcell process are milder, which can reduce risks and side effects. 

After a few days in the lab or IVC system, the developing embryos are inspected. One or two mature embryos are then transferred to the mother or surrogate’s uterus for further development, where implantation and pregnancy can occur. 

Studies have shown that the success rates are very similar, so patients seeking a more holistic and affordable method of reproductive treatment do not have to sacrifice effectiveness when undergoing INVOcell treatment. 

The Costs

INVOcell cycles at our Houston practice start at $6,300 per cycle. The cost of IVF will vary based on several factors. However, it is typically more expensive due to the associated lab fees involved for fertilization and incubation in the lab. During your initial consultation with Dr. Sonia Kristiansen, she can discuss both options with you as well as provide a more accurate, personalized quote should you decide that IVF is the best option for you. 

Get Started Today

Both INVOcell and IVF are amazing options in the world of assisted reproductive technology, with similarities and differences. If you wish to discuss your options and find out if INVOcell or IVF is right for you, a consultation with Dr. Kristiansen is your first step. Start your journey to growing your family by contacting us online or by calling our Houston fertility clinic to request an appointment today. 

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