How Successful Is INVOcell Treatment Compared to IVF? By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on September 18, 2017

Pregnant womanThe costs associated with fertility treatment can be a real financial hardship that adds more worry to an already stressful situation. One of the most effective fertility treatments is IVF, or in vitro fertilization. While IVF offers a high rate of success, it is a costly procedure, and some patients undergo multiple treatment cycles before pregnancy is a success. Patients who are interested in a slightly more affordable option may want to consider INVOcell.

INVOcell is an IVF alternative that uses the woman’s body to support fertilization, thus eliminating the cost of a laboratory incubator. Because INVOcell is a newer technique, many patients are eager to discuss expected INVOcell vs. IVF success rates at our Houston, TX fertility clinic. The good news is that clinical studies have shown that INVOcell success rates are comparable to those of IVF treatment.

INVOcell: An Overview

INVOcell is a fertility treatment that has been approved by the FDA. Dr. Sonja Kristiansen is proud to be the first doctor in the area who has been certified to provide INVOcell treatment.

INVOcell is an assisted fertility treatment that is similar to IVF. However, the big difference is that INVOcell uses the woman’s body to support fertilization. After mature eggs and sperm have been collected, they are placed in the patented INVOcell device. The INVOcell device will be placed into the woman’s vaginal canal where the eggs will be given time to fertilize.

When incubation is complete, the device will be removed so the embryos can be examined. Viable embryos can then be inserted into the uterus or frozen for future use. On average, an INVOcell treatment cycle is nearly $2,500 less than an IVF treatment cycle.

INVOcell Success Rates

In clinical studies performed to compare the success rates of vaginal incubation through INVOcell treatment to those of IVF, data showed that success rates were equivalent in terms of embryo quality, pregnancies, and live births. During these trials, the entire INVOcell process was monitored, starting with mild ovarian stimulation.

These studies involved observation of two INVOcell techniques: insemination taking place in the INVOcell device with embryo transfer after three days of vaginal incubation, and insemination by ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) with embryo transfer after three days of vaginal incubation.

The results of these studies showed that INVOcell success rates are comparable to those of IVF. 32.4% of clinical study participants became pregnant through INVOcell treatment, and 15.1% experienced a multiple pregnancy. 23.8% of participants gave birth after undergoing INVOcell treatment, and 17.8% gave birth to multiples. All of these numbers are similar to those of patients undergoing traditional IVF.

What this data shows is that INVOcell is a viable option for patients who are looking for a more affordable alternative to IVF. If a patient is an ideal candidate for the INVOcell procedure, they can undergo this treatment method without having to sacrifice the quality or effectiveness of traditional IVF treatment.

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