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INVOcell: An Affordable & Effective Fertility Option

INVOcell™ is now available at Houston Fertility Center to make fertility treatments more affordable through a process that is safe and effective. INVOcell is the first FDA-approved intravaginal culture (IVC) system that uses a woman’s body to support fertilization and early embryo development, rather than relying on a laboratory incubator and its associated fees. Dr. Sonja Kristiansen is proud to lead the only facility in the Houston, TX, area certified to provide INVOcell. Using this method can help patients save about $5,000 in cost compared to a round of in vitro fertilization

INVOcell can provide a significant savings compared to a round of IVF

The INVOcell Procedure

The INVOcell procedure begins with the patient undergoing an ovarian stimulation cycle that is milder than the protocols associated with in vitro fertilization (IVF), allowing for improved comfort and reducing the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS). Mature eggs are collected and placed into the patented INVOcell device, along with a sperm specimen.

The INVOcell device is then positioned in the vaginal canal to foster the initial phases of embryonic growth. Once incubation is complete, the device is removed and the embryos are inspected. Finally, one to two viable embryos will be inserted into the woman’s uterus, and extra embryos can be frozen for future use.

 INVOcell cycles are $5000 each because this process eliminates the fees associated with lab incubation. 

Pregnancy Rates Similar to IVF

Clinical trials show that INVOcell pregnancy and live birth rates are comparable to IVF. In comparison to intrauterine inseminations (IUI), INVOcell has a pregnancy rate that is three to five times higher.

A More Natural and Stable Incubation Environment

Since the entire INVOcell incubation phase occurs within the woman’s body, the factors required to sustain incubation - such as temperature and physiological pH - remain more constant. In a laboratory, the incubation environment may be subjected to regular interference, such as when the incubator doors open or close, or when the thermostat cycles. The INVOcell approach reduces the potential for fluctuations in the incubation environment.

Clinical trials show that INVOcell pregnancy and live birth rates are comparable to IVF. In comparison to intrauterine inseminations (IUI), INVOcell has a pregnancy rate that is three to five times higher.


The ideal INVOcell candidate may have blocked fallopian tubes or previous tubal ligation, ovulatory dysfunction, unexplained infertility or mild - moderate sperm abnormalities.  This candidate is ideally ≤ 40 years old, antral follicle count > 6, FSH <9 mIU/ml, AMH 1-6ng/ml,  less than 190lbs and BMI <35.  The candidate should have a normal uterus, accessible ovaries and no significant medical illnesses.

Although the success rates and potential savings INVOcell offers are attractive to many hopeful parents, it is important to understand that this option may not be right for every patient. For example, if a female partner has very high or very low levels of anti-müllerian hormone (AMH), low antral follicle count, or if severe male-factor infertility is an issue, INVOcell may not be recommended. 

Not meeting these guidelines of the ideal candidate does not mean that you are prohibited from INVOcell treatment. An INVOcell consultation with Dr. Kristiansen will provide you with your individual expectations of success with treatment and if INVOcell is right for you.  You can depend on us to provide a thorough screening to determine which treatment is most likely to help you grow your family.

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You can find out if the affordable and effective INVOcell procedure is right for you by scheduling a consultation. You can send us a message online, or reach us by phone. You can reach our Houston office at (713) 862-6181. We will carefully review your health history and other factors to determine if INVOcell or another treatment is the best way to help you grow your family.

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