Is There An Age Limit for INVOcell®? By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on August 03, 2022

A fertility patientMany people who struggle with infertility turn to in vitro fertilization to increase their chance of a successful pregnancy. While IVF offers high success rates, it is a costly treatment process. On top of that, some people desire a more natural fertility treatment option. INVOcell® is a fertility treatment that is more affordable than IVF.

When considering INVOcell for her Houston, TX, patients, Dr. Sonja Kristiansen must determine if the procedure will be a success. Here, we go over how age can affect INVOcell treatment, and whether there is an INVOcell age limit, or an age at which INVOcell is no longer a viable option.

What Is the Age Limit for INVOcell Treatment?

There is not an age limit, per se, for INVOcell treatment. However, this technique tends to be most successful for women who are aged 38 or younger, and that is because of the potential impact that age has on fertility. Ultimately, what is most important to consider when determining candidacy for INVOcell treatment is the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs, her overall health, and the general environment of the reproductive system (where the embryos will be incubated). Dr. Kristiansen takes all these factors into consideration before advising her Houston patients on whether or not INVOcell is a viable fertility treatment option for their unique situation.

Age and Fertility Treatment

When considering fertility treatment options for our Houston patients, age always plays a factor. This is because fertility naturally declines as a woman ages. Every woman is born with a finite number of eggs. Once menstruation begins and eggs start being released, a woman’s ovarian reserve starts to diminish. Additionally, the quality of a woman’s eggs naturally declines as she ages.

Age can lead to other fertility issues that may have an impact on the overall reproductive system and environment. Because INVOcell allows embryos to be fertilized and incubated in the woman’s body, it’s important to consider whether a patient’s age could create a hostile environment that compromises the success of fertilization and embryo development.

What Is INVOcell?

INVOcell is a fertility technique that is similar to IVF, in that it oversees all stages of conception. Treatment begins with ovarian stimulation to promote the production and release of multiple mature eggs. The eggs are retrieved and mixed with a sperm sample for embryo development. Selected embryos are inserted directly into the uterus with the hope that they will implant and result in a successful pregnancy.

The key difference between INVOcell and IVF is that IVF uses a laboratory setting for embryo development. INVOcell is the first fertility treatment to use the woman’s own body to encourage embryo development. Eggs and sperm are placed into an INVOcell device, which is then placed in the vaginal canal. INVOcell allows incubation to occur in a natural and more regulated environment than a lab.

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