Egg Donor IVF By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on July 01, 2021

IVF treatmentThere are numerous fertility issues that make it difficult to conceive naturally. Many female fertility problems are related to the ovarian reserve, or the quantity and quality of eggs. Women with a diminished ovarian reserve are somewhat limited in their fertility treatment options. Fortunately, these women are likely ideal candidates for egg donor IVF.

Egg donation allows individuals to use donor eggs for fertility treatment. In the case of egg donor IVF, patients can carry an embryo that is created using a donor egg and the father’s sperm. Dr. Sonja Kristiansen is happy to teach her Houston, TX, patients more about the egg donor IVF treatment process, and whether they may be ideal candidates for the process.

Donor IVF Treatment Process

Donor IVF is very similar to a traditional IVF treatment cycle. To begin, the egg donor and the intended mother (or the gestational carrier) must get their menstrual cycles aligned. This is achieved by prescribing each with some combination of fertility drugs and/or birth control. Once the menstrual cycles are in sync and each woman starts her period, IVF treatment begins.

When working with egg donors, it is ideal to collect multiple eggs in one treatment cycle. This provides more opportunities for viable embryos, which can in turn be frozen and saved for future IVF cycles, if more children are desired. 

To promote the release of multiple mature eggs, the donor self-administers fertility medication. Over a period of one to three weeks our fertility specialists monitor the egg donor to observe egg production. When eggs have matured, the donor is given a trigger shot to stimulate their release. 

Within 24 hours of receiving the trigger shot, the egg donor undergoes egg retrieval. This process uses an ultrasound-guided needle to collect eggs. Anesthetic is used during this procedure to keep the egg donor completely comfortable. 

Once eggs are retrieved, they are mixed with a sperm sample, which can be collected from the intended father or a donor. The fertilization process is evaluated and the most viable embryo, or embryos, are selected for transfer. Selected embryos are transferred transvaginally, and are placed directly in the uterus, where it is hoped that they will implant and result in pregnancy.

Finding A Suitable Egg Donor

If our Houston patients will undergo egg donor IVF, they need to find a suitable egg donor. Egg donors can be someone the patient knows, such as a family member or friend, or they can be chosen from pre-screened donors through a donor bank. Dr. Kristiansen can facilitate egg donation so that patients find a donor who is physically and emotionally prepared for the donation process, while also being compatible with the patient’s personal preferences regarding physical traits, personality, education, etc.

Is Egg Donor IVF Right For Me?

Egg donor IVF is a great option for women who have struggled to conceive due to age-related infertility or a diminished ovarian reserve. However, this technique is suitable for many other of our Houston patients as well. Egg donor IVF can be successful for single men who are ready to become fathers, or gay males who want to add onto their family. If single men or male couples are undergoing egg donor IVF they will need to work with a surrogate in addition to an egg donor.

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