Is Reciprocal IVF Covered By Insurance? By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on December 31, 2019

Doctor discussing treatment with a patientDr. Sonja Kristiansen is proud to help same-sex couples experience the joys of parenthood in ways that were not previously possible. With reciprocal IVF, for instance, lesbian couples can have a biological child together, with each mother having a connection to their baby.

We receive many questions from same-sex couples in the Houston and Sugar Land, TX area about the cost of fertility treatments and insurance coverage. With that in mind, let’s discuss insurance coverage and reciprocal IVF.

About Reciprocal IVF

During reciprocal IVF, the egg from one mother is fertilized in a lab using donor sperm. Once the egg has developed into an embryo, the other mother carries the embryo to term.

With both mothers factoring into the birth of their child, there is a much closer connection to the baby and between partners. A procedure like reciprocal IVF is one of the great things about modern assisted reproduction technology, giving same-sex couples a greater ability to build families together.

There Is Usually No Insurance Coverage for Reciprocal IVF

Even though reciprocal IVF is gaining in popularity, it should be noted that insurance companies typically do not cover fertility treatments like IVF. Health insurance generally focuses on medically necessary procedures, and even then, insurance providers may dispute the medical necessity of certain treatments. Fertility procedures like reciprocal IVF are considered elective procedures and as such are not covered.

Check with Your Insurance Provider Just in Case

Just because IVF is not covered by most insurance providers doesn’t mean coverage is impossible. You may want to contact your provider just in case to see if any fertility procedures are eligible for coverage.

Weighing the Cost of Reciprocal IVF

Given that couples will need to shoulder the burden of IVF on their own, it’s important that you weigh the cost of IVF against other options for treatment and building your family. In some cases, there may be more affordable and equally viable fertility procedures to consider (e.g., INVOcell™).

Paying for Reciprocal IVF

If you have decided that IVF is right for you and your partner, we can go over various payment methods for the procedure. Financing plans could place an IVF cycle within reach. These procedures break the total cost of care into affordable monthly installments. This helps you build your family without placing too great a burden on your household.

Discussing Your Goals with You

Building a family as partners can be stressful and demanding. The cost of fertility treatment could put a strain on your relationship if you are not confident that it is the right option for you both. That’s why we take time to discuss the pros and cons of fertility treatment, including the cost of care.

By going over the various benefits and risks of reciprocal IVF and other options for building your family, we can help you make the most ideal decision based on your financial situation and other matters that affect your health and well-being. Remember that we are here to help and support you on your road to parenthood.

Contact Houston Fertility Center

For more information about reciprocal IVF and your options for payment, be sure to contact a trusted, board-certified fertility specialist. You can reach our office by phone at (713) 862-6181. Dr. Kristiansen looks forward to your visit and helping you build your family.

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