Candidates for INVOCell: Affordable IVF Treatment By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on August 29, 2017

A pregnant woman with a sonogram photoHouston Fertility Center prides itself on staying at the forefront of reproductive medicine. When new fertility treatments and techniques come along, we want to make sure our patients can learn about them and benefit from them. Such is the case with INVOCell, a more affordable alternative to traditional in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Let's take a moment to consider the basics of INVOCell and then note who is an ideal candidate for this cutting-edge procedure.

What Is INVOCell?

INVOCell is an alternative to traditional IVF treatment, eliminating the need for in-lab fertilization and incubation.

During the INVOCell treatment, eggs and sperm are harvested as they would be in traditional IVF. Rather than fertilize the egg in the lab, both eggs and sperm are placed in a patented INVOCell device. This small device is placed inside of a woman's vaginal canal. Once fertilization occurs, the INVOCell device helps foster the initial phases of embryonic growth. The INVOCell device is removed, a viable embryo is selected, and this embryo is then transferred to be carried to term. Additional embryos can be frozen for use in the future.

Is INVOCell Effective?


The pregnancy rates of INVOCell are comparable to those achieved through traditional IVF treatment.

General Candidates for INVOCell

Good candidates for INVOCell are couples that have been trying to become pregnant for a year through natural means but have been unsuccessful. They should both have a clear understanding of the risks and benefits involved with IVF and INVOCell treatment, and they should have realistic expectations about the treatment process and what it can achieve.

People Who May Benefit from INVOCell

INVOCell tends to be ideal for patients in the following situation:

  • Women who have blocked fallopian tubes
  • Couples with otherwise normal ovarian reserve and sperm health
  • Patients concerned with the lab setting of IVF treatment
  • Couples with religious beliefs that would prevent them from traditional IVF

More Affordable Than Traditional IVF Procedures

IVF can be cost prohibitive from many couples and individuals. INVOCell is less expensive than IVF and, as noted above, yields comparable results. If the cost of IVF is keeping you away from starting a family, INVOCell may be the ideal treatment to consider given your means and your situation.

Poor Candidates for INVOCell

While INVOCell can help many people start the family they've always wanted, it not ideal for everyone. Women who have a poor ovarian reserve may not be good candidates for INVOCell. The same is true for men who suffer from issues with sperm count, sperm motility, or other issues that affect the viability of the sperm.

Is INVOCell Right for Me?

The best way to find out if INVOCell is right for you is to visit our practice for a consultation. During your visit, you will be able to learn more about INVOCell and whether or not it's the right approach to take. Additional fertility treatments may be discussed as well, allowing you to understand your options and make the best choices given you situation.

Contact Houston Fertility Center

For more information about INVOCell and if it's an ideal option for you to consider, be sure to contact Houston Fertility Center today. We will be more than happy to discuss these matters in greater detail during a consultation at the practice.

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