Choosing an Egg Donor By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on February 29, 2020

Egg donation consultationAt Houston Fertility Center, led by Dr. Sonja Kristiansen, individuals struggling with infertility can find a wide range of fertility treatments that make parenthood a possibility. For many of our Houston, TX, and Sugar Land, TX, patients, egg donation is an essential part of fertility treatment.

Egg donation allows a harvested egg to be used in fertility treatments, such as IVF or IUI, before being transferred to the intended mother, or a selected surrogate. Here, we go over some of the factors our patients may want to consider when choosing an egg donor.

Do You Have a Willing Donor?

If someone is a suitable candidate for egg donation, they must first determine where they will find a donor. Some people have family members or close friends who are willing to act as an egg donor. In these cases, it is important to consider whether that person is a viable egg donor (there is a strict egg donor screening process), and whether a known donor is preferred. While many like to know their egg donor, some fear that being close to their egg donor will only complicate matters by adding an extra layer of emotions.

If our patients do not have a willing donor that they know personally or they prefer an anonymous donor, they should consider working with a donor agency. Donor agencies offer a selection of donors who have been thoroughly tested and screened to ensure they are suitable egg donors, both physically and mentally.

What Egg Donor Qualities Are Most Important to You?

Whether patients have a known egg donor or they are working with a donor agency, it is important to select a donor who meets desired qualities and criteria. Egg donation is a highly personal experience, and patients should not feel guilty about making a careful selection that best meets their specific desires.

Aside from the basic health and mental requirements that are part of the egg donor screening process, some qualities to consider when selecting an egg donor include ethnic background, appearance, and the personal background of the egg donor.

Ethnic Background

For some patients, it is important to have an egg donor who has an ethnic background that is the same or similar. If ethnicity, race, or religious background are important, this should be noted during the egg donor selection process.


If egg donation recipients wish to have a child with physical features that are similar to theirs, they should consider this when selecting a donor. Egg donor applications should note key physical features, such as height, hair color, and eye color.

Personal Background

The personal background of the egg donor is another factor that is important to some recipients. Many consider a donor’s education, career, personality, or personal interests when selecting an egg donor. It can make the donation process feel more comfortable to select a donor with interests and values that are similar to yours.

Get in Touch

At Houston Fertility Center, we offer a wide range of services to help individuals overcome their infertility struggles. If you’d like to find out if egg donation or another treatment method is right for you, Dr. Sonja Kristiansen can perform a fertility evaluation. Send us a message at your earliest convenience to learn more, or call (713) 225-5375. We serve patients from Sugar Land, Houston, and surrounding areas.

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