Female Fertility and Laptops: Is There a Connection? By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on February 29, 2016

A woman talking to her fertility specialistAt the Houston Fertility Center, we take time to address all matters that may be on the minds of our patients. This focus on patient concerns is what makes Dr. Sonja Kristiansen a leading fertility specialist in the region. Her knowledge and compassion is backed up by advanced technology for addressing infertility as well as fertility evaluation and diagnosis methods.

A number of patients have wondered if laptops can potentially affect their fertility. Let's examine this issue in a bit more detail right now.

The Perceived Danger of Laptops for Fertility

One reason why people worry about laptops affecting fertility is the heat that's generated by the laptop as it sits in one place for a long period of time. Over long periods of time, there's a concern that the laptop may contribute to infertility, or it may make existing causes of infertility worse in some women.

We can understand the concerns, which is why we want to set the record straight.

Can Laptops Affect Female Infertility?


Thankfully sitting on the sofa with your laptop or working with your laptop in bed will not contribute to female infertility. There is no scientific evidence that demonstrates a link.

Why Laptops Aren't as Dangerous to Female Fertility as You May Think

The main reason why laptops do not pose a serious hazard to female fertility is that a woman's reproductive organs are are internal and not exposed. The heat generated by a laptop is negligible in terms of how it affects a woman's reproductive system. Even women frequently work on their laptop or rest tablets and other devices that are similar in their laps will not face any increased risk of infertility.

Laptops and Male Infertility: That's Another Story

Perhaps the biggest reason that women are concerned about laptops and their fertility is how laptops can potentially affect men. Studies have shown that using a laptop can impact male infertility, affecting sperm count and sperm quality. This is especially true if men frequently use their laptops.

The reason for this is that a man's testicles can be seriously affected by heightened temperatures and excessive heat. The laptop can lead to less than ideal conditions for male infertility. The same can be said for men who wear briefs or tight pants. If you and your partner have had trouble conceiving, part of it may be due to the heat generated by a laptop, though of course there are many other factors to consider.

Fertility Testing for Women

If you have noticed issues with infertility, it's important that you visit with a fertility specialist. This will allow you to undergo the testing you need to determine the exact cause of your infertility. A whole host of factors may be the reason you're having difficulty conceiving. We can assess your situation and then determine the right treatment options for you and your needs.

As we discuss your treatments in greater detail, we'll be more than happy to answer any and all questions that you may have about the procedures that would be most helpful to you.

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