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Fertility Testing Prior to IVF Treatment By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on January 20, 2015

Attractive young womanIVF, or in vitro fertilization, is a well-known fertility treatment that has helped many patients conceive and become parents. Because so many people have heard of the success of IVF treatment, it is not uncommon for patients to come to Dr. Sonja Kristiansen and her team at Houston Fertility Center requesting in vitro fertilization. While IVF is an excellent option for many patients, it is important to first evaluate a patient’s fertility and diagnose the most likely cause of infertility. Infertility testing can detect any obstacles that may be preventing pregnancy and will help Dr. Kristiansen determine the most effective course of fertility treatment, whether that be in vitro fertilization, or another form of treatment. It is important to test both the male and female partner, as problems on either side could affect the ultimate success of IVF.

Female Fertility Tests

Successful conception, whether naturally or through IVF, relies on many different factors coming together and working correctly. It is important to test all aspects of. Below are some female fertility tests that are likely to be performed prior to IVF treatment:

  • Ovarian function test: The ovaries are responsible for the production and maturation of follicles, or eggs. This is a vital role in the fertility process. While fertility drugs can be used to stimulate the ovaries so that multiple mature eggs are produced, it is first important to test ovarian function. There are several tests that may be run throughout this process, including day 3 blood work (an analysis of the blood on the 3rd day of the menstrual cycle), a Lupron stimulation test, and a Clomiphene challenge test. All of these tests evaluate hormone levels and ovarian function to determine the most appropriate course of fertility drug treatment prior to IVF.
  • Evaluation of uterine cavity: Prior to IVF it is important to determine if the uterine cavity is normal and will be able to house fertilized embryos after transfer. The uterine cavity is evaluated through either a hysterosalpingogram or a hysteroscopy, which can test for abnormalities such as polyps or fibroids.
  • Tubal tests: Finally, it is important to determine whether there is any blockage in the tubes that could be preventing pregnancy or could interfere with IVF treatment and embryo transfer. X-rays are usually used to identify whether there are any problems with the tubes.

Male Fertility Tests

A male’s fertility is extremely important in natural conception and also plays a role in IVF treatment. Before beginning IVF treatment, it is important to test the quality of the male’s sperm to determine if any male factor problems are present. We offer a sperm analysis that can determine sperm count and sperm quality so that any problems can be addressed before treatment.

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Infertility can be a frustrating and heartbreaking situation, but there is hope for patients who have had difficulty conceiving naturally. By running fertility tests, Dr. Sonja Kristiansen can determine the problems that are contributing to infertility and give patients the best chance of combatting these problems through infertility treatment such as IVF. To learn more about our fertility treatment options, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kristiansen at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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