10 Questions to Ask Your IVF Doctor By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on November 29, 2014

A woman speaking with a doctorHere at the Houston Fertility Center, we believe that the best patients are ones who know all of their options and can make smart and confident decisions about their fertility needs. Each infertility treatment will be carefully tailored to the patient to maximize success.

Another way to maximize success is knowing what questions to ask your fertility specialist. Below are 10 good questions to consider when you meet with a fertility doctor of any kind.

Question #1: Why am I having trouble conceiving?

This question is a given, but it's the most important one to pose to your fertility doctor. By finding out what your primary problem or problems are, you can then seek out the best solutions.

Question #2: What types of tests will I undergo to determine the cause of infertility?

In order to determine the cause of your fertility problems, testing will need to be done. Be sure to ask about the kinds of tests that you will need to undergo and what those might entail. This is also a good way of planning ahead, taking time off work, and determining what side effects may be involved that you'll need to account for.

Question #3: Will my partner also need to undergo fertility testing?

This is another sensible question to ask since it does take two to tango. Male and female fertility issues can make starting a family difficult, so asking if your partner will need fertility testing is sensible.

Question #4: What kinds of lifestyle changes can I make to boost my chances of getting pregnant?

Sometimes your diet and/or your activity level will affect your fertility. If you can make simple lifestyle changes to boost your fertility, that's generally preferable to undergoing a full treatment of some kind.

Question #5: What fertility treatment options would be right for me?

Once you've gotten test results back and learned the cause of your infertility, it's important to find out what treatment options your fertility doctor recommends. This will help you understand the various options that you have.

Question #6: What is the success rate of this fertility treatment?

And of course, with each possible fertility treatment, it's important to learn about their rates of success and effectiveness. Some procedures may prove more likely to yield positive results than others.

Question #7: What are the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment?

As with success rates of treatment, it's important to learn about the risks and benefits that you and your partner may face when it comes to this particular procedure. Inform yourself so you have realistic expectations about the procedure.

Question #8: What are my alternatives to this treatment suggestion?

As always, consider alternatives to any proposed treatment. Find out what all of your options are so that you can make the best-informed decision possible.

Question #9: How much will my fertility treatment(s) cost?

Fertility treatments are not inexpensive, so it's important to learn about the financial commitment that you'll need to make before undergoing any sort of procedure.

Question #10: What payment options are available for this fertility treatment?

Some fertility treatments may be covered by medical insurance under certain circumstances. Be sure to find out about flex spending account (FSA) reimbursements as well as monthly financing options out there so you can ease the burden on your household.

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