Can Meditation Improve My Fertility and Address Infertility? By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on October 29, 2014

A woman in white in her roomWe all know that stress can cause you to feel exhausted and that it can put you in a negative mood, but can stress have an effect on your fertility? And if stress does have an impact of some kind, can a stress reducing activity like meditation help me improve my fertility?

The team here at Houston Fertility Center have gotten that question quite a bit from patients seeking the latest infertility treatment options available. Let's take a moment to examine the issue right now.

The Effect of Stress on Fertility

The results of research regarding the effects of stress on fertility have been mixed.

While a piece in The Daily Mail suggested that stress could contribute to infertility, more recent research by The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Division of Intramural Population Health Research at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and Texas A&M Health Science Center has shown negligible effect of stress on fertility. The newer study only targeted two stress hormones, however, meaning a potential variance/issue when it comes to stress and its overall effect on the body or pre-existing potentials for infertility.

With this in mind, stress can affect the body in negative ways, causing high blood pressure, indigestion, sleeping disorders, aches and pains in the body, and general fatigue. All of these can alter your overall wellness and potentially impact your fertility, your ability to conceive naturally, or even your desire to want to have intercourse.

Relaxation Is a Step in the Right Direction

While research is ongoing, we think that stress relief of different kinds is a good step in the right direction for many people, whether they're trying to conceive naturally or undergoing reproductive medicine treatments with a fertility specialist.

Can Meditation Really Make Much of a Difference?

Meditation is a fine way of relaxing and achieving a calmer state. If you are able to meditate and feel that it is helpful, it definitely doesn't hurt. There are no negative side effects to meditating and you may notice an improved disposition and number of other improvements to your wellness.

Various Forms of Stress Relief Are Encouraged

Keep in mind that there are many other types of relaxation and stress relief options to consider as well, such as controlled breathing and allowing yourself a few moments of the day to quietly unwind. Even if you do not have the ability to meditate based on various circumstances, it's always ideal to consider focusing on relieving stress.

Light Exercise Can Also Be Helpful

In addition to meditation and other basic techniques to relax, light exercise may also prove quite helpful in relieving stress and improving an overall sense of well being. This includes yoga and pilates or even just simple stretching and going for a walk. Don't take any chance to unwind for granted since it can make a difference.

Discuss Options for Relaxation and Wellness with Experts

If you are interested in learning about various options for relaxing and improving your general disposition, be sure to speak with your physician. He or she will be able to recommend some basic methods of stress relief that can prove very helpful and that can potentially improve your chances of conceiving.

Learn More About Treatments to Address Infertility

For more information about alternative medicine to improve fertility and your many other options available for advanced treatment, be sure to contact Houston Fertility Center today. We will work closely with you to help you start the family that you have always wanted to have.

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