IVF and Ovulation Induction By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on November 14, 2013

Houston IVF and Ovulation InductionAt Dr. Sonja Kristiansen’s fertility center, we offer a wide range of fertility treatments to help couples battle infertility issues. Among the many treatments that are offered, IVF, or in-vitro fertilization, remains one of the most versatile fertility options as well as one of the most effective in producing healthy pregnancies. IVF is so successful because it gives Dr. Kristiansen a degree of control over each step of the conception process. For our patients in Houston, ovulation induction is the first step of IVF treatment, stimulating the ovaries to ensure the production of multiple mature eggs.

What Is Ovulation Induction?

Ovulation induction is also known as ovarian stimulation. This is the first step of the IVF treatment process and involves the administration of fertility drugs to stimulate the follicles of the ovaries so that multiple mature eggs will be produced during a single menstrual cycle. These medications also allow us to control when the eggs will be produced so that we can accurately time the remaining steps of IVF treatment.

At our practice, Dr. Kristiansen begins ovulation induction with an injectable hormone medication such as Gonal F. Gonal F is administered with a small, thin needle that is inserted just beneath the skin. This medication is injected for several days in a row in order to stimulate the production of multiple follicles. This stage of ovulation induction will be closely monitored by Dr. Kristiansen through ultrasounds and blood tests.

Once the follicles have reached a certain point of maturity, we will administer a second fertility drug. This will be another hormone injectable (likely Ovidrel) and acts as the luteinizing hormone to stimulate the release of the egg. This is a single injection and it is very important that this injection is given on the day and time that is specified by Dr. Kristiansen and her staff as the following steps of IVF treatment (semen collection and egg retrieval) are scheduled based on the time that the fertility drug is administered. If eggs are retrieved too early or too late, they may not develop properly.

How Successful Is IVF?

In-vitro fertilization is one of the most successful fertility treatments available. There are a number of factors that affect the success rate of IVF, including the patient’s age and the cause of infertility. On average, IVF results in successful pregnancy around 30 percent of the time with this number continuing to increase as technology develops. Each step of the IVF process must be successful in order for conception to take place. From the initial step of ovulation induction all the way through to embryo transfer, Dr. Kristiansen and our staff monitor IVF treatment and provide any necessary patient support. In this way, we can ensure that our patients are receiving highly effective fertility treatment that is enhanced by a personal level of care and commitment.

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At Dr. Sonja Kristiansen’s fertility center, we strive to make patients’ dreams come true. If you have had difficulty conceiving, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kristiansen at your earliest convenience to learn about your fertility treatment options. We will help you find the most effective treatment to turn your dream of parenthood into a reality.

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