Diagnosing and Treating Endometriosis By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on February 15, 2013

Houston Endometriosis TreatmentWhen most women dream of becoming pregnant, they do not anticipate any problems. Unfortunately, reality does not always go as we anticipate. Many couples find that pregnancy does not occur as easily as they had expected. This is especially the case in today’s society when women have started to delay starting a family to focus on their careers. Unfortunately, there is help for couples who have difficulty conceiving or maintaining a healthy pregnancy. At Dr. Sonja Kristiansen’s Houston fertility center, we help patients determine the cause of their fertility issues so that the proper treatment can be determined and we can help couples reach their dreams of parenthood. At the Houston Fertility Center, the diagnosis of endometriosis and treatment of the condition is just one of our areas of specialty.

Diagnosing Endometriosis

The first step of any infertility treatment is determining the cause of infertility. At Dr. Kristiansen’s fertility center, we work with the patient’s insurance company to find the most affordable means of diagnostic testing. In many cases we can work with a diagnosis and referral from a patient’s existing OB/Gyn.  During diagnostic testing, the following are signs that endometriosis is present:

  • The presence of dark lesions on the uterus
  • Uterine lining tissue on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, or bladder

If these symptoms are detected, endometriosis will be diagnosed and treatment options can be discussed with Dr. Kristiansen.

Treating Endometriosis

There are generally two options when it comes to the treatment of endometriosis. The first is the management of endometriosis through the use of birth control medications. While this treatment option can control pain and manage mild cases of endometriosis, it is clearly not a good option for a woman trying to become pregnant.

The second treatment option available is advanced laparoscopy, an outpatient laser surgery. During surgery, lasers will be used to remove endometrial growths or scar tissue. This surgery will not only manage the pain of endometriosis but can also improve a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant. Laparoscopy is recommended for women with mild to moderate cases of endometriosis and those who wish to become pregnant.

If patients have undergone treatment for endometriosis and are still having difficulty conceiving, Dr. Kristiansen can discuss additional infertility treatments, including fertility drugs and insemination. Women with endometriosis are also often good candidates for IVF. For our patients in Houston, in vitro fertilization is responsible for many successful pregnancies. This six part treatment process aids in all steps of pregnancy, including ovarian stimulation, fertilization, and implantation. Each step of in vitro fertilization will be supervised closely to give patients the highest chance of successful pregnancy.

Schedule an Appointment

Women who suffer from endometriosis do not have to give up on the dream of pregnancy. At Dr. Sonja Kristiansen’s Houston fertility center, we explore all treatment options to determine the best method for aiding our patients in achieving their dreams of parenthood. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kristiansen at your earliest convenience to discuss our infertility diagnostic testing and treatment options.

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