Summertime Blues Or Time To Get Pregnant? By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on June 18, 2012

Summer on the Gulf Coast can be tough on the psyche! First, there's the heat, which adds up to physical discomfort (and a lot of bad hair days!) and your year's highest electric bills. Then, there's the feeling that everything has slowed to a crawl (might be that sweltering heat!) and that could feel like a burden or a relief. Many of my patients have chosen summer as their go-to time for getting pregnant, for all of these reasons.

Summer might be the perfect time to get pregnant.
photo: Tracy Morris

If your plan to get pregnant includes the use of assisted reproduction, you can also plan for the process to take up your time in ways that are different from the old fashioned path to pregnancy. Even if you're not seeing a fertility specialist because of infertility, the various kinds of techniques from the simplest to the most complex require at least a little bit of time and attention before and after the actual conception event.

And that lazy hazy feeling of summer could be just what some women need to boost their body's natural fertility. I know you've heard Just relax! and feel yourself do exactly the opposite! No, just relaxing is not the key to pregnancy, especially for a lot of women with particular infertility-causing disorders. But it is true that your body's so-important endocrine system functions best when you're not feeling keyed up, tense, and on-the-go. When your hormones are flowing in the right order and level, your chances at getting pregnant are boosted with and without fertility treatment.

So for a lot of people, taking summer vacation time to get pregnant makes the most sense.

And for those who are feeling the brunt of the electric bills right now, Houston Fertility Center always offer summer discounts on several fertility services.

When you add up the possibilities with treatment discounts and a little more downtime on your hands it could be that a Spring-time baby is in your future.

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