If You're Trying to Conceive, Skip the Triathlon. Try Yoga. By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on September 27, 2011

Along the same lines as there being no magic to getting pregnant, whether with IVF or without treatment, there's also no perfect exercise that will lead to conception.

But... yoga comes close.

Conception (and pregnancy) have much to do with balance. Not too much of this, and just the right amount of that. Your fitness factors, including your weight and body mass index, flexibility and strength, all play roles in keeping your endocrine system humming along.

Choice of exercise is a very personal thing. You should take several things into consideration when choosing the type, level, and frequency of physical exertion you engage in, whether you're trying to conceive or not. For example, running isn't the safest idea for everyone, but for some, it's perfect. Swimming is great, but not everyone has regular, easy access to a pool. The same could be said of biking.

As this article in The Windsor Star describes, yoga is about more than stretching and posing. If done well, yoga can both strengthen and relax your body, which is a state of being that facilitates hormone health.

You may want to avoid the most rigorous forms of yoga (there are many different versions), including the forms that are taught in studios heated above 90 degrees. And if you can find a yoga instructor who knows specific poses that are good for your reproductive organs, that's a bonus. (Here at Houston Fertility Center, we'll help you find one...)

Remember, you're looking for balance through activity.
Put your dreams of being a triathlete on hold until after the baby comes, but don't shelve your body's need to move and breathe.

~Dr. Sonja Kristiansen MD

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