Disney and I Both Hope You Won't Need My Services By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on June 27, 2011

The other day I saw a headline that really pulled me in -- "Disney/ABC Television Group Sponsors The American Fertility Association's Infertility Prevention Program".

The combined images of Disney and infertility were curious, indeed. When was the last time you thought about Mickey Mouse and fertility problems at the same time? But that odd juxtaposition is actually the result of positive progress in terms of fertility education.

Truth is, as a mother and physician, I hope you don't need the services of a fertility specialist, now or later. But another truth is explained in this recent blogpost on EmpowHer, "STDs and Infertility", where the author, Stacy Lloyd, explains how some young women are destined for infertility down the road. And it's those facts that make me smile when I read about Disney/ABC TV granting funds to the American Fertility Association (AFA).

The AFA works hard to not just support men and women who are struggling with infertility, but also to educate everyone about the realities of normal fertility. When young people arrive at the point in their lives when having a baby feels like the right thing to do, some are shocked to find that, all along and without their knowledge, their bodies have built up roadblocks against conception. Programs like the AFA's "Infertility Prevention Handbook" and their outreach gatherings at a broad variety of venues (even manicure salons!) can spread the message that steps can be taken before infertility is a fact in someone's life.

Since Disney definitely brings to mind "family", I think it's fitting that the corporation supports efforts at keeping couples from having to consult fertility specialists in the future.

You can find out more about the AFA at their website.

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