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"iPhone Baby" Not So New; More Fertility 101 Needed

By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on January 26, 2010

Here's an eye-catching piece: an article about a young woman who finally conceived after years of infertility -- all because of an iPhone app.

Essentially all that happened here was good (and successful -- congratulations!) use of an old TTC standard done up in new technology. The app she downloaded was one of apparently several that counts a woman's cycle days and flags her when she should be at her most fertile.

Keyword here is "should"...

One of the most common reasons that some women don't get pregnant easily is ovulatory disorder. There are plenty of ways that a woman's ovulation can become disrupted, out of sync, or cease altogether. The important thing to know is that very often, the woman has no symptoms to clue her in to her body's fertility problem. Simply having a period, even regularly, doesn't necessary mean ovulation is occurring on target.

So, yes, timing is crucial in trying to get pregnant. But for a 30-year-old to have tried unsuccessfully for *four years* and still only then resort to counting the days in her cycle... that tells me our fertility educational efforts aren't getting out there like we hope, whether or not the technology is a calendar on the wall or an iPhone app.

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