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Advanced Laparoscopy Evaluation

Illustration of laparoscopic infertility surgery An out-patient surgical procedure where a surgeon with advanced surgical skills and training in pelvic reconstruction inserts a mini-telescope into the abdomen to view the pelvic organs. Surgical instruments can be inserted with the mini-telescope to perform surgical removal of adhesions, cysts, endometriosis and to reconstruct pelvic structures such as the fallopian tubes that have been damaged, infected or tied in the past.

Fallopian Tube Reconstruction Evaluation

A surgical procedure to repair tubes that have been damaged. The most common form of damage is secondary to a previous tubal ligation.  

Microsurgical Tubal Anastamosis/Tubal Reversal Evaluation

Illustration of tubal reversalA surgical procedure to repair the fallopian tubes that have been damaged. The most common form of damage is secondary to a previous tubal ligation.

Usually there are two remaining fallopian tube segments - the proximal tubal segment that emerges from the uterus and the tubal segment that ends with the fimbria next to the ovary. The procedure looks to connect the two pieces and there for make fertilization possible.  Not all tubal ligations can be reversed.  Tubal ligations greater than three years are typically not successful for reversal and place you at higher risk for ectopic pregnancy.

Adhesiolysis Evaluation

Illustration of AdhesiolysisAdhesiolysis is the surgical removal of adhesions, usually during an out-patient Laparoscopy procedure. Adhesions are scar tissue that forms around reproductive organs following a previous surgery, infection or injury.

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