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Fallopian Tube Massage Supports Fertility

By Sonja Kristiansen, MD on January 16, 2018

When a person is faced with infertility issues, they often feel hopeless. Fortunately, there are numerous fertility treatments available to restore the hope of becoming a parent. These treatments address the most common causes of infertility and increase the chance of conception. At Houston Fertility Center, Dr. Sonja Kristiansen offers a comprehensive range of fertility treatments. Dr. Kristiansen also works alongside specialists to provide patients with holistic services that support the reproductive organs and fertility in general. One of these services is fertility massage. Fertility massage uses a variety of techniques to support conception and reduce the side effects of common fertility issues. Fertility massage is tailored to the specific needs of each patient so that the appropriate organs receive the attention they need. Here we will be discussing fallopian tube massage and how our Houston, TX patients may benefit from this service.

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What to Expect

Infertility is a personal issue with a number of potential causes. Prior to undergoing fallopian tube massage, or any form of fertility massage, patients will undergo a thorough evaluation with our massage therapist. The massage therapist will tailor services based on the specific needs of each patient. Depending on these needs, massage may involve any combination of Maya Abdominal Massage, acupressure, and breathing exercises. No matter what techniques are employed, the goal of fertility massage is to encourage balance and function within the reproductive system, promote the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body, reduce stress, and promote an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Fallopian tube massage will specifically focus on stretching and clearing the fallopian tubes. The fallopian tubes connect to either side of the uterus. By focusing on these areas, fallopian tube massage helps to loosen and breakdown scar tissue that may be blocking the fallopian tubes. When tightened tissues are released and the fallopian tubes are cleared, eggs can be properly released into the uterus.

Fallopian Tube Massage Candidates

Massage is a safe and non-invasive procedure that should be safe for basically any patient. However, it is important to tailor massage based on where a woman is in her menstrual cycle, and it is best to avoid fertility massage during menstruation. Fertility massage, in general, may be ideal for any woman who is dealing with infertility, those preparing for fertility treatment, or those who are looking to promote a healthy and balanced reproductive system. Fallopian tube massage, specifically, is tailored to help women who are dealing with infertility issues related to blocked fallopian tubes.


Fallopian tube massage offers a number of benefits to our patients. Primarily, fallopian tube massage breaks down scar tissues and improves circulation, both of which promote fertility by clearing blockages in the fallopian tubes. In addition, massage can reduce inflammation, rid the body of excess tissues and blood, balance hormones, and reduce stress. All of these are benefits that promote overall well-being, but, even more so, they increase the chance of conception for those who have been experiencing infertility.

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At Houston Fertility Center, Dr. Sonja Kristiansen and her team believe that patients should have access to all forms of fertility-enhancing techniques. This includes holistic services such as fertility massage. If you would like to learn more about the comprehensive range of fertility services available at our practice, contact us at your earliest convenience

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