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During her OB/Gyn residency, Dr. Sonja Kristiansen knew which medical career path she would take when she saw her first infertility patient's smile. “When I saw the joy that pregnancy brought this patient, I knew where I wanted to be.”

Realizing Dreams of Parenthood

Dr. Sonja Kristiansen's fertility center in Houston helps hopeful parents to realize their dreams of having children.

Sonja B. Kristiansen, MD, board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist Infertility specialist, has been in practice since 1994. Two years later, she founded Houston Infertility Clinic, serving as the facility's Medical Director. In 2009, Dr. Kristiansen renamed her practice to reflect a broader, more positive approach to reproductive endocrinology and the treatment of infertility: Houston Fertility Center.

Houston Fertility Center is a full-service reproductive endocrinology clinic, providing services that range from disorders of the female endocrine system through the most advanced technology for the treatment of all forms of infertility.

Houston Fertility Center is committed to providing individuals with the field's highest level and most successful infertility treatment available in a private, compassionate, and professional clinic environment. Throughout her years of practice, serving patients with infertility and those who wish to use the miraculous technologies of reproductive medicine, Dr. Sonja Kristiansen has developed a reputation for offering access to all forms of fertility enhancing techniques, from ovulatory-boosting fertility medications to sperm, egg, and embryo cryopreservation, for a variety of patients' family-building and family-balancing needs. We also provide advanced family-building services to the LGBTQ community, working with gay and lesbian couples to develop and expand their families through surrogacy and reciprocal IVF. 

Located in our central Houston clinic facility, Houston Fertility Center's state-of-the-art laboratory is optimized to provide the latest Assisted Reproductive Technological (ART) procedures including:

An on-site egg retrieval suite with anesthesia services provided by board certified Anesthesiologists offers the patient a complete service package, reducing total IVF costs.

Full Andrology services for male factor infertility, as well as consulting urologists for sperm retrieval techniques, are also provided.

Having completed well over 1,000 IVF cycles with pregnancy rates that compare well nationally, Houston Fertility Center's laboratory is now utilized by several other Reproductive Endocrinologist clinics in the Houston area.

Our clinic provides fertility patients with the convenience they need to make the most of their infertility treatment plans.

Our clinic is centrally located near the Galleria in Houston,  off I-10/Katy Freeway at the Campbell exit, between the 610 Loop and the Sam Houston Tollway.

Free covered parking is available.

Our clinic open early to allow infertility patients the time they need for monitoring appointments prior to starting their work day.

Dr. Kristiansen invites you to stay in touch – through Dr. K's blog, Facebook page, and Twitter – for the latest information and opinions on getting pregnant.

Time Is Running Out

Houston Fertility Center is the first clinic in Houston to offer INVOcell - a revolutionary and affordable treatment option with PGT for $9,400 per cycle!  Must meet eligibility requirements.  Medication costs vary depending upon the pharmacy. Frozen embryo transfer required.

We are also proud to now offer Reciprocal INVOcell with PGT. Call for details and
Schedule your consultation today to learn more.

Dr. Sonja Kristiansen

Houston Fertility Center

Dr. Sonja Kristiansen is the founder and Medical Director of Houston Fertility Center. She is a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist Infertility (REI) specialist who is proud to help hopeful parents fulfill their dreams of having children. Our center is affiliated with the:

  • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • Texas Medical Association

We provide convenient care for patients from greater Houston and visitors from out of town. For more information about our services, contact our office online or call (713) 225-5375 today.

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